Thanks for visiting the $50 WebPage site. Check out the samples of a few webpages we've built. And read the details about how easily and quickly our designers can help put your company on-line. Contact us, and we'll answer your questions.

The McHenry County POST is located right here in McHenry County.

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What is a $50 WebPage?

The $50 WebPage is our program that helps you get your first, or newest, webpage up and working quickly and inexpensivley.

You give us the pictures, stories, logos, photographs, color schemes, links to your social media, testimonials, and more and we create your own webpage for use on your website.

You don't face a steep learning curve trying to build your own site. You use your time to do what you know best... running your business.

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What do I have to supply?

Provide, as you wish, your logo, business color scheme, business design scheme, catch phrase, USP (unique selling proposition), business name as you would like it to appear, address, phone number, other contact information including, email and social media, information about your business including history, services, products, equipment, pricing, photographs, industrial logos, testimonials, guarantees, special offers, calls to action, web links, websites that you've seen that you would like to emulate, and more.

We'll guide you through this process.

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How long does it take to have a webpage created?

We'll do our best to create your $50 WebPage quickly. Of course, the more we communicate with you before we start, the quicker we can produce the finished page. We have produced complete pages in less then 24 hours (and that included creating photographs of the products)..

Let's start now!

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What is the cost?

The cost for the completed webpage is $50. That's it. Keep in mind, there is an undetermined limit to how involved the page can be.

There are other costs involved in displaying your webpage on the web. You will need a domain name, which you can reserve for under $20 per year. And, you need a computer on which to park your website files. This service is called hosting. You can shop around for this service and pay between $0 ( if you don't mind ads for other businesses popping up on your website ) and less than $65 per year. We offer hosting on our server space for $20 a year, to help you get started.

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May I see samples of $50 webpages?

For this client we created a giant page. They asked to include introductory information about the business, pictures and biographies of the doctors, office hours, and discussions about eye care.

We did charge more than $50 for this page. It held about as much information as 4 regular pages.

We also created the portraits for the doctors.

We had the preliminary webpage created in 24 hours, and added to it over the next two weeks as the doctors supplied more information.

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Action Video Service did not have a logo for the business. We created a logo by simulating a title page on a YouTube video this client had posted. We used the color of the logo to set the color for the webpage.

The client needed this website on-line within 2 weeks, as he was involved in a promotional event at which he would pass out literature with the website address on it. We beat the deadline by a week.

The webpage links take visitor's to AVS YouTube video sample of their work.

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In 24 hours we not only created this website, we also produced the photographs of the jewelry. Visitors can click on the jewelry images and see enlargements of the images.

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This is a simple webpage. The client did not want links. The client simply wanted to show samples of work and to have shoppers call for an appointment or more information.

Notice that there are two additional $50 WebPages, one with a special sale and one with a map to the business.

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For this client, we had a basic webpage on-line within 24 hours. We then added content, as supplied, over the next 10 days until completion.

Here also, the client had to have the website on-line for an introduction at a marketing event. She supplied content up the morning of the event. We had the website up the same morning.

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Why a $50 WebPage?

So you can be on the internet within hours.

I have talked to sooo many people that want a webpage. But, their friend, or relative is working on it. Actually the friend has been working on it for months and months. Or, the person is going to build their own webpage. But they haven't had the time to learn how. Or, they haven't learned how to use a program that builds web pages, or can't afford the program. Or, they want to have someone build a webpage but the cost is prohibitive.

We build The $50 WebPage promptly. If you want to present your business on the internet, you don't have time to wait. Your competitors are out there. Get in the fight for customer's dollars now.

When your relative or friend finally (if ever) comes up with the fancy website for you, then replace your $50 WebPage. But in the meantime, let's get you on the web. By the way, you may find that you actually like your $50 WebPage better than one you've waited a year for.

I know you don't want to hurt the feelings of the friend who has "started" work on a website for you. Tell them you'll wait for them to finish, but in the meantime you'll put up your $50 WebPage, "just to reserve" some space on the internet.

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What is included in The $50 WebPage?

A web page. Not an entire cross linked website with multiple pages for contact information, your catalog, payment links, home page, a blog, etc.

The $50 WebPage is a single page (you may purchase multiple pages) in which you offer information to your shoppers. Include your logo, by-line, pictures, product or service information, links to videos, pictures, favorite websites and more, contact information, or whatever you wish to present. You may have up to 4 links to sections on the webpage that we build for you, so it appears as a multiple page website.

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What is NOT included in a $50 WebPage?

The $50WebPage does NOT include:

Domain name registration. You need to have a website name registered. This is a name like "". You can register this yourself. The cost varies from $5 to $20 per year. If you wish to avoid the trouble of registering a name, we can provide the service for $25.

Web hosting. Your webpage files have to be available for the public to visit. They are placed on a computer called a server (it serves up your files to the people who wish to see your website). A company that will put your files on their computer, and have them available to the public 24 hours a day, is called a web host. This can cost $60 to $250 per year. If you know someone who has purchased web hosting, perhaps you can talk them into letting you use some of their unused space for free.

(The $50WebPage will let you use some of our web server space for for $20 a year, to help you get your business up and running.)

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Do we provide maintenance for your $50 Webpage?

You will occasionally want to update your website, move it between servers, or do some other such chore. You can learn to do it yourself. You can't hurt anything trying it yourself, if you have your files backed up. Or, you can have The $50 WebPage do maintenance for you at a low cost per chore. We'll be happy to quote a price for your consideration.

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